Editorial policy

yoursleepapnea.org gives utmost importance to make sure the information in our site reaches our audience in an accurate way. We believe that it is very important that one should feel confident in knowing the information that they get when it comes to their health.

Our Core Principles

The following are the core principles that yoursleepapnea.org.org works on, in creating every piece of content:

• Readers first:
One of our core principles is that every content that we put up in the site is based on professional expertise, advances in the medical field, guideline changes, current trends, and much more, that help you better in understanding your health.

• Reliance on information:
All the content that we put up on our site is rooted to deep understanding of current medical advancements and of communities of Medical and Wellness experts so that you can feel comfortable in your health decisions.

• Inclusivity:
Though the information in our site is focused for a U.S audience, we ensure that we work towards representing important considerations and differences in information for audiences of different ages, physical and mental capacities, gender identity, is sexual orientations, relationship statuses, and family types.


yoursleepapnea.org does not claim to be an alternative for advice by your physician or other Healthcare professional. The content that we put up is for informational purposes alone.
Nevertheless, we are certified by Health on the Net and are committed to following its code of conduct. Our content being accurate and fair, minimizing the threat, acting independently and being accountable and transparent are directly guided by and upholds the Society for Professional Journalists’ foundations of ethical journalism. Besides these accolades, we also justify the federal trade Commission (FTC) guidelines on disclosures, wherever applicable.


The contents of our site is a mere compilation of medical information from various trusted sources. We prioritize using the most recent and significant sources on a particular subject. Our staff members from the editorial department manage all the content you find on our site. We prefer reporting on the whole body of research on a particular topic, rather than isolating it, as the information in the area we cover is ever-evolving.

We understand that reports on medical tests that are run on animals cannot be appropriate for applying them on humans. Hence we support the reporting of research done on humans rather than animals with exceptions to certain cases which may seem relevant or appropriate.

Our writers and contributors take special care to cover sensitive subjects that may trigger symptoms in some cases. Their main responsibility is to balance the information of verifiable facts with perspectives from experts including those of opinions from their respected peers.

Contributors of yoursleepapnea.org.org do not give importance to any outside resource in the form of videos, publications, news and other sources of information, based on their relationship with the person or company. If at all they find any information relevant to an ongoing content, we make sure that appropriate disclosures are made that upholds the FTC guidelines.
We have a policy to strictly prohibited headlines that do not accurately match with the content of the article. If you find any of our articles through on-site navigation, social media, email or any other means, you can be assured that what you see is true to what it conveys. You may find source links added to the content with the intention to take you to that respective content or website, in order to assist you further with your search for knowledge about your topic o
f interest. Links are carefully chosen and direct to U.S government agencies, reputable associations and organisations, journals or other trustworthy entities. yoursleepapnea.org never directs you to links that sell drugs or other pharmaceutical products that run clinical trials or other research on participants.

Quality standards

There is no article that is being posted on our site that goes without reviewing by our editorial team. Each and every content in the form of text, videos, graphics, pictures, animations or any other form of material, has many people working behind it to ensure accuracy, easy understanding helpful and useful information, that reaches our visitors. All of this process is done independently by our editorial team, to make sure every content has all the qualities mentioned above, before it is being posted on our site.
We have a separate team called the Medical Review Board, which consists of certified physicians and experts from the medical field to provide any necessary critique, that may yield a better and an updated information on our site. Any information in the form of articles, statistical information, or any other information which is found out to be an out-of-date information, is removed from the content.
We ensure that all the information on our site, reflects current research and advice of health experts and that it upholds the current guidelines of leading professional organisations. If necessary, articles are re-written or re-edited to ensure the above mentioned quality, by hour Medical Review Board. Every article on our site will be dated at the top of its page and any modification done to it will contain the updated date. Our editorial team collaborates with experienced freelancers and other colleagues who assist with updating the information, to ensure that every aspect of our site is at par with our quality standards.
There are a few additional quality standards that we maintain which are as follows
• Our team of illustrators, photo editors, and art creators work their best to make sure that the materials they compile are user friendly, and at the same time provide rich information on the respective topic. All of these are re-checked with the Medical Review Board.
• We have a data science team that frequently update themselves with current trends on science and medicine, to meet your needs.
• Binding with our privacy policy, our designers, engineers and product managers control the usage of our site, in order to make your visit simple with better features to enhance your browsing experience.


We ensure that our writers whom we recruit and work with, are experts in their field. This team includes doctors certified by the board, credentialed dietitians, licensed therapists, and others who show great skills and expertise. All of these colleagues strive to create quality content.

The visitors of our site have the option to access authors of every article their read, to learn more about their credentials, education, professional experience and media experience. They are selected exclusively for the intense knowledge in their areas of expertise and real life experiences, while also having the ability to communicate Complex information in a user-friendly manner. We make sure all our writers abide to our editorial guidelines and systematic policies.

Licensed and third party content

The editorial team of yoursleepapnea.org takes care in reviewing any licensed or third party content, to make sure that it upholds our policies and all or any search content is labelled to notify its source to you.

Product recommendations

One of yoursleepapnea.org’s main purpose is to streamline the steps you need, to find the information that you are looking for, in a quick and efficient manner. As a result, we save a lot of your time. As there are millions of products out there, we filter out the ones that you need for your purpose. This is done by our experienced writers and editors, who make the best purchase decisions after researching the market. Of course necessary steps are also taken to ensure the role of them is reliable as well

You can be sure that we do not favour any manufacturer who tries to sell things for free. Our independent writers and testers pick products only after ensuring its authenticity and reliability. Moreover, we buy products at our own expense to make sure it’s worth trying before recommending it to you. There is no adulteration in the feedback that we give on the products mentioned in our site.

Product content
We want to make sure that we recommend products only from trustworthy companies who deliver quality products. We recommend products after studying and making sure that the subject matter is intellectually at par with the product. Also, our team of editors constantly check the availability of products before recommending it to you.

We make it a point to check and regularly update and make sure that the existing recommendations are accurate, helpful and up-to-date. If need be, we do o constant revisiting of the published list to double check this process.