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Yoursleepapnea is the most recognized online website which guides you to achieve freedom from sleep disorders and to improve your physical, mental health by helping you to attain work-life balance. Our website is the place where you can surf through hundreds of articles written and published by medical field experts, famous doctors, medical journal writers and many other veterans. We provide the best user experience in our site and quality online resources to restore your happiness and to live a healthy life. That’s why we are trusted by most of readers and common people

Medical Review board

E.Hanh Le MD Senior Director, Medical Affairs

Dr. E.Hanh Le follows and leads our team to success by bringing her years of experience in the fields of medicine and health care. From Baylor College of medicine, Dr Hanh Le got her MD and resides in St Joseph Hospital in Houston. She supports us to create best quality content consistent to people.
After several years of practice, she changed her concentration towards heath care industry. She created clinical news products, drug contents and several disease articles by working at Epocrates. She supported in creating an EHR, secure medical products and patient decision support tools for health care technology.

Debra Rose Wilson PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT
Herbal Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Dr. Debra Rose Wilson is health care practitioner and associate professor in Walden university. She completed her PhD in psychology and she is nationally recognized scholar for her contribution in this field. She is speaker in local as well as national communities ,also herself an educator in nursing, self care, stress management, obstetrics, breast feeding etc. Due to her exceptional contributions she has received many certifications and awards from various organizations. Her development of free online program namely Psych Pharm to learn about psychotropic drugs which is Currently an app used by around 1 lakh users. She is an editor, writer of international journals and Now she is in the pursuit of her second PhD in quantum physics.

Sara Michael MS Director, Medical Content Integrity

Sara Michael is having MS degree in the stream of Journalism from North Western University’s Medill School of journalism. She worked in UBM ’s health care as an editor and also contributed in quality and business. She takes care of development and following strategies to achieve highest degree of quality, accuracy in clinical content. She also having experience as digital editorial director. Other than work she enjoys her time in exercise, reading books and also with friends and family along with her 2 children.

Writers and Policies

When it comes to health, the first thing you need to know is to aware about your body and sleeping hours. That’s why we focused on giving information which can help you to be confident and aware of your personal health and hygiene. We work with writers who consistently research about sleep, medicines and human health. They also have field experience as doctors, dietitians, therapists and health care professionals. Our writers are handpicked selectively for their contribution in area of expertise and real time experience. Also they have ability to explain the complex information in simpler & easy understanding scenarios. All of our articles were reviewed by medical board to verify the correctness and understanding of study. We keep latest statistics and updated data in our researches.

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Your site contains clear content than some other usual medical sites which contain lot of jargon which make it difficult to read and understand. Your articles convey the information easier and much helpful to me. – Elaine

I have been living with sleep disorders due to stress and health issues. I have taken many tests and drugs to find out. After reading those blogs in your website, I found out the diagnosis and treatment for sleep issues. Now they given me hope to cure my illness. Thank you. – Johnson

Thanks for the information about sleep apnea. I am not aware of it before. After reading it I got an idea how to tackle my problems and am succeeded in my attempts to end it. Also I have subscribed to your newsletters and archived them. – Catherine

Your site was informative and I felt easier to understand those medical concepts. No need to read again or to look a dictionary. The tips about keeping us healthy helped me a lot. I am consistently reading your blogs to keep on track. Your ideas helped me in routine life. – Andrew

Our Team

Dr Pamela West was one of recognized top dentists in Las Vegas. The role of dentist plays vital part in solving sleep apnea and other disorders. Dr Pamela is the creator of isleep solutions at summerlin where she was practicing now. She graduated from University of South California School of Dentistry. She went on to pursue her Masters in Aesthetics from Las Vegas Institute for Dental studies. She has been researching and treating patients of sleep apnea from the past 5 years. Also she is a part of fellow member team in American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. She worked with many teams and also among with top fine sleep dentists of our country.

Fiona Tapp is one of the famous free lance writer and educator. She written articles, essays on various topics which also includes health and medicine. She completed her degree of BA Education from Goldsmiths College in University of London. She finished her Masters in Education from UCL Institute of Education London and now she lives at Ottawa in Canada. She is expert in Pedagogy and also traveled to various countries. She worked as teacher for 13 years and her writing occur from different perspectives and they were featured on various journals like Washington Post, The New York Post, Bustle, Huffpost etc.

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We welcome experienced writers, bloggers, free lancers who has interest and knowledge in sleep apnea, medicine and health awareness. We maintain good standards and best practices that you can proud of working together with us. If you are programmer, designer ,editor wanted to work with us in our journey Reach us by mail for more details. For advertisements and sales , promotion interests, we offer you a good value. Contact this mail.