Important Pointers About Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

A recent diagnosis with sleep apnea has taught me a few valuable lessons. Speaking with others that suffer from sleep apnea, I found them not to be aware of the lessons I was taught. I have also found it very helpful to talk with others about my diagnosis and have found many acquaintances that suffer from sleep apnea that I didn’t know about prior to my discussions.
I must state that I am not a physician. I don’t have any special training or degree in a medical profession. I do suffer from sleep apnea and have been counseled on its treatment.

Sleep apnea is not a passing phase. It is a serious ailment. It does not go away. It should be a part of your medical history when asked about medical conditions and medication being taken. Don’t let anyone take your announcement of sleep apnea lightly. It does play a part in all your medical evaluations.

Sleep apnea is not a fad. Yes it is being more readily diagnosed but that is because the medical profession is learning more about its effects upon one’s body functions. It is not the disease of the moment. There have been sleep apnea sufferers for years, it is only recently that the medical profession has been able to evaluate and diagnosis it.

Sleep apnea can be more pronounced in heavy people. You do not have to be over weight to have sleep apnea. If one were to loose a large amount of excess weight, sleep apnea may seem to disappear. However, it will slowly reappear and might not present its self immediately but it will reappear over time.

There is no known cure. There is nothing you can take, fix or do to get rid of sleep apnea. You can only treat the situation by using a CPAP machine while you sleep.

If you are scheduled for a medical procedure, you will need to bring your CPAP machine with you and use it in the hospital and recovery room. It is better to use your own machine than to use one belonging to the hospital.

Know the setting of air pressure on your machine. Commit to memorizing it.

In a medical emergency make sure the professionals are aware of your sleep apnea. This point takes family and friends to be aware of the situation and for them to share that knowledge with the medical professionals attending to you. Failure to do so could result in a rude awakening in the recovery room for your attending caregivers. It could also result in the inability to wake up and could cause complications or even death.

Sleep apnea is a serious diagnosis. Being diagnosed and treated, one can survive normally.